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Medimes is a company with many years of experienceBusiness Expert Concept in the Polishpharmaceutical market. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, we are specialists who know how to reach the highest effectiveness and professionalism in cooperation with the partners.

Referring to the latest development trends of the Polish pharmaceutical market and its growing possibilities, we focus on continuous developing of our activity and adapting it to the current needs of the consumers.

Distribution of pharmaceutical products

Medimes specializes in a distribution of such pharmaceutical products as OTC medicines, dietary supplements, medical products and cosmetics. In the offer of our company, you can find specialistic, high-quality products of world known brands. Cooperation with the largest pharmaceutical warehouses guarantees the availability of our products in pharmacies all over the Poland.

In 2015, Polish pharmaceutical market noted 4,8% growth in relation to year 2014. It means that the growth was almost 1,4 billion PLN! In December 2015, the sales was 2 786 mln PLN, what makes the 1,6% growth in relation to the numbers from December 2014.   The sales of OTC products in pharmacies amounted 1 128 mln PLN, what makes 0,7% growth in relation to December 2014. However, sales of medicines on prescription amounted 601 mln PLN, what makes 1,1% growth in relation to December 2014.

wykresThe growing demand for the pharmaceutical products is a facilitator for introducing the new products and their high sales results. What makes a contribution to that are first of all the demographic and climatic changes, followed by social trends and growing number of pharmacies, parapharmacies, and pharmacies with drugstores.

Introduction of the new products to the market.

pharmacy-shopping-cartThe offer of Medimes company also includes the introduction of the new pharmaceutical products to the Polish market: starting with the registration, developing the distribution channel (pharmacies, warehouses, online sales), and finally, active promotion and sales.

Poland is one of the European countries with the largest consumption of OTC medicines and growth in sales. Comparing the Polish pharmaceutical market with other European countries, Poland takes the sixth position after Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.

The main factors that shape the demand for the medicines are mainly demographic factors. The improvement of the economic situation and aging society stimulate the growth of expenses on the health protection. This situation allows the introduction of products, especially for the senior group. In turn, the warming climate, which replaces the winter with the prolonging transition period, lengthens the time when people need products that increase the immunity, fight the viruses, and also the antibiotics. This phenomenon growths due to more and more popular trend of avoiding preventive vaccination.

An increasing number of pharmacies and drugstores with extended activity result in increasing demand on verified and trusted suppliers, who can provide the pharmacies with specialistic products, which are more and more often sought by exacting customers. In December 2015, there were 14 624 pharmacies in Poland- 346 more than in December 2014.

With so many different circumstances, important is the knowledge of methods and distribution channels, and precisely planned, effective promotion of the products introduced to the market.

Sales support and promotion

We offer our experience in the promotion of the new pharmaceutical products in Poland. Close cooperation with the medical and pharmaceutical environment allows an efficient increase in sales of your products. Effective marketing activity builds a strong and recognizable image of your brand. The maximization of our effectiveness is influenced by earlier made, detailed research of the focus group- so that the promotion brings the expected effect.

workers (1)Our team consists of specialists with many years’ experience. Our sales representatives work every day, all over the Poland. They actively work on presenting the highest-class promotional materials. The Medimes representatives are always present on business conferences and trade fairs.

Oriented to development.

ludzik prezentujePolish pharmaceutical market becomes more open to innovations, what potentially increases the comprehensiveness of the distributed products. With reference to our reports about the market prognosis, it has been confirmed that our actions are accurate. We accept the challenges, and we meet the exceptional requirements of the exacting focus groups.