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Medimes Sp. z o. o.is a distributor of European high-class medical products, dietary supplements, and natural cosmetics. We specialize in the distribution of gynecologic pharmaceutical products for people who are trying to conceive a child. In the offer of our company you can find, among others, Conceive Plus intimate gels, dietary supplements FertilMan, FertilMan Plus and FertilCare, ovulation tests and microscopes, natural cosmetics ETANI and Golden Time.

We are open to cooperation with pharmaceutical warehouses, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and aesthetic medicine salons.

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Distribution of pharmaceutical products

Medimes Sp z o.o. specializes in a distribution of such pharmaceutical products as OTC medicines, dietary supplements, medical products and cosmetics. In the offer of our company, you can find specialistic, high-quality products of world known brands. Cooperation with the largest pharmaceutical warehouses guarantees the availability of our products in pharmacies all over the Poland.

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Introduction of the new products to the market.

We offer complex support at the introduction of the new pharmaceutical products to the Polish market. Starting with the registration of the products, construction of the distribution channel, and finally active promotion and sales. Our team consists of specialists with many years’ experience in the pharmaceutical market.

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Sales support and promotion

We offer our experience in the promotion of the new pharmaceutical products in Poland. Close cooperation with the medical and pharmaceutical environment allows an efficient increase in sales of your products. Effective marketing activity will build a strong and recognizable image of your brand.

All the activities will be preceded by the detailed research of the focus group so that the promotion brings the expected effect.

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